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Dried flowers are back in fashion and at Sydney Dried Flowers we are specialize in dried and preserved flowers, we create DIY bouquets you can create the popular trend in your own home. With Australia wide delivery you'll receive a do it yourself kit. After watching our easy tutorial on our YouTube sydnedydriedflowers , you can create your own dried floral masterpiece. All our dried flowers are hung upside down for up to 5 weeks to completely dry. With a wide array of colors and textures available you can create your own display of everlasting blooms. In our DIY kit box Sydney Dried Flowers, we have Australian native wish are hardy and some can retain color such as yellow Billy Buttons and Paper daisies. Some of the Do It Yourself bouquet are made with mostly preserved flowers. Preserved flowers are real flowers where the water content pigment have been drown out, we injected a preservative with colors and fragrance. Add life to any corner of your home with our easy to follow do it yourself kits from Sydney

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